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What's the difference between 70/30 & 50/50 on E-juice bottles?

These 2 numbers are the most common that you will see, and it stands for the thickness of the juice. The first number represents VG (Vegetable Glycerine) & the second number represents PG (Propylene Glycol). This helps you understand the thickness of the juice you have. The higher the first number 70/30 for example will mean the juice is thicker than a juice that says 50/50.

Why do you need to know this? Not all mixes work well with all coils, for example cloudy coils known as Sub Ohm (explained more below) work best with juice mixes of 70/30 or higher. Anything lower than 70/30 such as 50/50 has a higher chance of leaking through the coil and this can cause complications such as breaking your device.

The opposite can be said for Mouth to Lung (MTL) coils. If the juice is over 60/40 that can make the juice too thick for your coil, meaning it cannot suck the juice into the middle fast enough causing it to dry out and burn. This can seriously lower the life span of a coil.
You should always find out what type of device or coil you are using before buying your juice.

What is DL / Sub Ohm / MTL?

DL: This stands for Direct to Lung also known as Sub Ohm, this is a commonly used phrase for any device that produces big vapour clouds, these devices are usually best for people who have fully quit smoking using a MTL (Mouth to Lung) device, the nicotine levels are usually low in compatible juices (70/30) and higher cloud production can result is less nicotine getting into the system. We usually advise against a DL / Sub Ohm device as your first device as it can make it harder to quit.

MTL: This stands for Mouth to Lung, this is a commonly used phrase for any device that produces low clouds and works better with higher runnier (50/50) nicotine juices that usually come in a 10ml sized bottle. MTL (Mouth to Lung) devices are ideal for anyone starting out and are new to vaping or were a pack a day smoker as they are closer to simulating a cigarette.

What is a coil?

A coil is the part of your vape that produces the cloud vapour. It contains a small wire wrapped in cotton that absorbs the juice. When activated the wire heats up and vaporises the juice producing cloud vapour. These tend to last a week on average but will vary depending on the juice and device used. New starters might find that coils only last a few days from over use, if this happens try going up on Nicotine strength. It does get easier over time and don't forget, even if you buy a new coil every other day it still is cheaper than smoking.


A good practice for coils is to always vape them within the recommened wattage range stated on the coil. If you go over the limit the coil will burn and if you go under the limit the coil takes too long to heat up causing juice leak out the bottom, this can also cause the coil to burn.

How do you know when the coil needs changing?

Over time the coil will reach its limit on how many times the cotton can be heated and will start to burn. The best way to know when your coil needs changing is your coil cotton on the inside will look dark, and you will get a burnt taste when vaping. We advise changing your coil when this happens, vaping burnt cotton is not ideal.

What is Nicotine Base vs Salt?

Nicotine Salt: This is a newer nicotine that is a lot smoother on the throat and easier to vape, this means that people who need higher strength nicotines but don't like the harshness may prefer nicotine salts.

Nicotine Base: This is a traditional nicotine, it is usually a little cheaper to buy but has a much higher throat hit and a more harsh feeling at the back of the throat. This is ideal for people who want to feel like they have a cigarette, as it's closer to that throat burn.

What's a Shortfill?

A shortfill is any juice bottles that are bigger than 10ml. They have room in them for the nicotine to be added, nicotine is sold in separate bottles that you add to your juice. These juices usually are for DL (Sub Ohm) devices due to the thickness of the juice been 70/30 or higher. LINK - 50ml Shortfills / 100ml Shortfills

Why is my device leaking?

Tank leakages can be down to a number of reasons, but these are the most common:

1) The juice you are using is too thin for your coil for instance a 50/50 10mls would leak out of a big cloudy tank that is designed for 70/30 thicker juice.

2) Not locking your device while it’s in your pocket. When the button gets pressed, the coil heats up vaporising the juice, then because it has nowhere to go, the juice goes down and leaks out.

3) The weather is hot! Weather does actually have an effect on vape juice, when it’s too hot it goes runnier. Plus humidity can also affect flavour.

4) You're vaping your coil too low, always use your coil within the recommended wattage range stated on them. Going too low is just as bad as going too high!

Why don't bottles bigger than 10ml have nicotine in them?

You can thank EU law for that one, no bottle over the size of 10ml can legally have nicotine in it, that's why when buying a shortfill (bottle over 10ml) you get a nicotine shot on the side, check our nicotine page to see how many shots vs what strengths. We are also limited to juice that can go no higher than 2% otherwise known as 20mg (milligrams of nicotine).

Why don't Tanks hold more than 2ml of juice in the UK?

This is due to an EU law that states any device cannot hold more than 2ml of juice. You may see products online elsewhere in the world with 5ml or higher tank sizes, unfortunatily we cannot stock or sell them in the UK.

This is also why in the UK you won't see single use devices known as Disposables (Geek Bars) with over 2ml of juice.

What do I need to know about batteries in devices?

It's good to know what your device takes because not all devices come with batteries built in. Batteries that come separate are not like normal AA batteries. They have to be kept in a protective case when not in your device because if they make contact with metal they can explode. The stories you may have heard years ago about vapes exploding were due to people putting unprotected batteries in their pockets or were using a device called a Mechanical Mod AKA Mechs. Mechs have no computer chips in them to stop you pushing a battery over its limit, the sale of Mechs is not advised to anyone who has no experience building, new vapers should ignore Mechs. Check out our battery page for more info. LINK

My device is making me cough?

That is pretty normal when starting out. We all coughed on our first cigarette as well. Over time your insides have been coated in a tar, when vaping for a while your body will clear as much of this tar out of you as it can. This means that you can be a bit sensitive for a while and can cause coughing. Also, high strength vape juice does sometimes just take a little while to get used to, we recommend Nicotine Salts if you are struggling as they are smoother and easier to vape.

If the problem persists, consult your doctor as you may have an intolerance to what they call PG (Propylene Glycol), should this be the case there are still other options for you other than cigarettes, ask your local vape store about Nicotine Pouches, they are a pouch containing nicotine that you put against your gum and absorb nicotine into the system that way. They are not very common yet in the UK but growing fast in popularity.

My device is saying Atomizer Short / has a flashing light or won't work when I try to use it?

This is usually a sign of one of the following reasons:

1. There is juice shorting the connection from the coil to the mod this is safety feature, we recommend fully taking the tank apart and off the mod and using kitchen roll to clean any juice out of where the tank screws into the mod, the bottom of the tank and the base of the coil.

2. If there is a lot of juice that has leaked, most likely it has gotten into the device and broken it. We highly recommend never ignoring any juice leakage because this is classed as user error and vape shops do not take back devices broken by juice.

3. When adding a new coil, it could have been fired while dry and one of the wires inside the coil has broken, you can normally tell if this is the case by looking inside the coil or smelling it. It will look dark or smell like burnt cotton. Sometimes you do just get a bad coil though as they are mass produced.

What is good practise for keeping my device healthy & happy?

Follow these rules below and you should never have an issue with your device:

1. Lock it when not using it or it’s in your pocket.

2. Check as often as you can to see if juice has leaked (daily ideally).

3. Make sure you are using the correct thickness juice with your coil.

4. Don't leave your batteries empty for months on end if you’re not using the device.

5. Read the instruction manual! Most of the time when people come in with an issue it’s a simple fix that's stated in the instructions or there is usually YouTube guides as well.

6. Don't let your juice run out, this will just dry the coil out and burn it.

7. Try not to leave your device in direct sunlight for long periods such as in your car. This can cause the juice to get runny and leak or can break the device if it gets too hot.

Myths about Vaping!

1. They are worse than cigarettes? Public Health England has concluded from their tests that vaping is 95% less harmful than tobacco and is encouraged as a quitting device by the NHS. Gov Vaping Link

2. They give you popcorn lung? The chemical called Diacetyl that was stated to cause popcorn lung is not in vape juice. It is actually present in cigarettes.

3. Vapes explode? It is not actually the vape that explodes it’s the battery inside. A normal vape device that has a screen, computer chips and is regulated will not cause the batteries to explode.

The devices that were reported to explode are called Mechanical Mod AKA Mechs. This is a tube of metal with a button that has zero computer chips to regulate the battery. People using Mechs would keep pressing the fire button in their pocket and because there is no computer chip to say that the battery is low, it would be pushed past its limit and explode. Anyone who hasn't got experience with building or Mechs should avoid these products. Vape shops shouldn't sell them to you unless you know what you are doing.

Also, it is a good idea to keep your batteries in good condition, if the protective wrap is split don't use it, keep it safe and take it to your local vape shop, most of them (including us) will re-wrap them so they are safe again.

4. People got lung poisoning in America from Vaping? They weren’t getting poisoned by normal vape juice. They were vaping a drug called THC that is illegal in most places around the world including the UK. The drug dealers where cutting the THC drugs with a product that cannot be vaped to thicken it up and make it look higher quality, and this is what poisoned people. This is also why you didn't hear of anyone outside of the USA getting lung poisoning!
The American government is against vaping because of loss of tax, around the 2020's their states almost went bankrupt from the loss of tax made on tobacco sales. This is also why you will see vape products banned in other areas of the world. Public Health England are one of the few places testing vaping and they have stated its 95% less harmful.

5. They cause headaches and nose bleeds? You are just dehydrated, PG/VG can absorb moisture. On hot days / chain vaping / drinking alcohol can be a combo to cause headaches. Drink some water and the problem will go away.

6. Can people have allergies to Vaping? Sure they can, this usually results in a dry cough or sore throat, we always recommend talking to your doctor should you have problems. There are other options to help quit smoking such as dry burners or nicotine pouches.



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