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Just Jam 100ml Shortfills

Just Jam 100ml Shortfills

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All Shortfills come with Nicotine to make the juices 3mg!

These 70/30 mixed juices work fantastic in any DL: Direct to Lung device.


Original Jam (Strawberry / Jam / Dessert / Sweet)

Raspberry Jam (Raspberry / Jam / Dessert / Sweet)

Strawberry Doughnut (Strawberry / Doughnut / Jam / Dessert / Sweet)

Raspberry Doughnut (Raspberry / Doughnut / Dessert / Sweet)

Berry Shortbread Cookie (Berries / Biscuit / Jam / Dessert / Sweet)

Biscuit Custard (Biscuit / Vanilla Custard)

Biscuit Caramel (Biscuit / Caramel)

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