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Nicotine Shots 10ml - Salt / Base / Ice Base

Nicotine Shots 10ml - Salt / Base / Ice Base

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All Shortfills Come With 3mg Of Nicotine Included In The Price!

A Nic Shot is an unflavoured 18mg/20mg nicotine solution. It is intended to add nicotine to your favourite Shortfill E-Liquid. (Brands may vary)

Juice Spec's:

Salt Nicotine - Higher absorption / Softer throat hit / Easier to vape higher strengths.

Base Nicotine - Traditional Nicotine / Higher throat hit.

Ice Base Nicotine - Traditional Nicotine with Menthol / Higher throat hit.

Calcuation Chart:

Around 3mg

50ml - x1 Nicotine Shot

100ml - x2 Nicotine Shots

200ml - x4 Nicotine Shots

Around 6mg

50ml - x2 Nicotine Shots

100ml - x4 Nicotine Shots

200ml - x8 Nicotine Shots

Shortfills will not hold any higher than 6mg of Nicotine.

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