Pod Salt 10ml's

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High quality 50/50 mixed 10mls that work fantastic in any MTL: Mouth to Lung device.


Blue Raspberry (Blue Raspberry)

Fresh Mint (Mint / Menthol)

Blue Ice (Blueberry / Menthol)

Strawberry (Strawberry)

Blackcurrant (Blackcurrant)

Blackcurrant Menthol (Blackcurrant / Menthol)

Mango Ice (Mango / Menthol)

Watermelon Breeze (Watermelon / Menthol)

Mixed Berries (Dark Berries / Menthol)

Mixed Berries Ice (Dark Berries / Menthol)

Lychee Ice (Lychee / Menthol)

Cuban Creme (Vanilla / Cream / Light Tobacco)

Menthol Ice (Menthol / Ice / More Menthol)