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Sakerz Master Tank by Horizontech

Sakerz Master Tank by Horizontech

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The Sakerz Master tank is the newer version of the popular Sakerz tank by HorizonTech, Featuring a smooth and precise airflow allowing the user to fine tune their vaping style with ease to create a large clouds of flavour making this tank a truly enjoyable experiance.

Whilst still utilizing the Sakerz Coils which have been known to be the Falcon Coil Killers that where considered one of the top coils avalible, Horizon Tech have released a new Sakerz coil that comes included with the Sakers Master tank and features a 0.4ohm Mesh coil with wood pulp cotton that is best at around 40w meaning this tank is now marketed to most types of users, the higher wattage 0.16ohm 70w coil is perfect for anyone who loves massive clouds. Coil changing is convenient and easy to do, a tool is provided with the tank to ensure a good seating of the coil into the tank to limit the risk of leaking as well as creating a great surface contact for consistent power transition. 

To fill the Sakerz Master tank is as easy as unscrewing the topcap and pushing the juice bottle nozzle into the silicon bung whole, and then screwing back on. As with all fresh coils it is recommended to leave the tank to sit with eliquid for 5-10minutes and start the power off a little lower than your intended goal and slowly work your way back up over the course of a few hours, this will ensure the longevity of coil lifespan.

What's in the box:

x1 Tank

x1 0.16ohm Coil - 70w

x1 0.4ohm Coil - 40w

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